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Service Providers: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words - Enhance Your Listings Today!

VirginiaNavigator Family of Websites “Enhanced Listings”


  • SeniorNavigator, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, helps thousands each year find the help they need, free of charge.  By providing 24/7 online assistance through the disAbilityNavigatorSeniorNavigator, VeteransNavigator and VirginiaNavigator Family of Websites, and personal help through a network of 750 + community-based centers, SeniorNavigator brought health and community-based resources to families 1.6 million times in the last year alone.  Since launch in 2001, over 6 million people have been helped.
  • We have enjoyed a steady increase annually in website visits (overall & unique visitors) thanks to its overall quality and diversified marketing through partnerships, media exposure and community outreach. 
  • With over 9,000 health and human service agencies – public, private, and non-profit in Virginia –consumers often say their biggest concern is having “no idea where to begin to get help.”  They are overwhelmed, confused, and often do not even know what services even exist to help them.  That is where our websites comes in.  In an effort to fully empower seniors, adults with disabilities and those who care for them, our websites uniquely provide an integrated search of over 25,000 national, state, local and hard-to-find grassroots services with a comprehensive library of over 800 educational articles. 

The VirginiaNavigator Family of Websites provide a means for consumers to educate themselves.  Simply put, knowledge is power – the power to make informed decisions for you or an aging loved one is priceless. 

Benefits of “Enhanced Listings”

“Enhanced Listings” will incorporate additional features over and above the standard complimentary listing.  Additional benefits include:


  • Up to 4 images on Listing Detail Page.  You may select any combination of logos/photos you wish – up to 4 – to include on each of the listings you enhance. 
  • A ‘Notes’ section that consumers can fill-in with pertinent information about your program before printing or emailing it. 
  • A ‘Print Brochure’ feature that allows for your organizational brochure or flyer to be attached to your listing. 

Pricing for “Enhanced Listings”
The pricing structure for the VirginiaNavigator Family of Website's new “Enhanced Listing” feature was developed so that it would be an affordable option for both for-profits and non-profits. 

  • For-Profit Rate:  $100 for first listing annually.  Each additional listing is $25 annually.  Five or more listings receive a 10% discount on entire price.
  • Non-Profit Rate:  $75 for first listing annually.  Each additional listing is $25 annually.  Five or more listings receive a 10% discount on entire price.

The most frequently searched topics on our websites are transportation, long-term care facilities and those programs and services that allow people to remain in their own home and community.

To Learn More
For more information about “Enhanced Listings”, please call Kim Tarantino at (804)525-7733; toll free 1-866-393-0957 or email